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Probably most the oldest, by dates on a site, in the city of Ekaterinburg the portal gives to all inhabitants of the city and not only except for the various helpful information as also free e-mail. In our "advanced" century already it is not enough of someone to surprise with mail in the national domain for example .ru, it is necessary already more unique domain for mail, therefore there is also "city" mail, the domain in which corresponds with the name of city. I shall not be surprised, if shortly become not only on cities, but also on streets, houses, entrances to do email domains :)

The basic characteristics of e-mail are modest enough, in fact city on scales we shall not compare to the All-Russia or international scope:
the email address of a kind имя
job with mail through a web the interface is possible
a server of entering messages POP3 :
a server of proceeding messages SMTP : while is absent , use a mail server of the provider
a box in the size up to 40 Mb , an opportunity to send and receive the letter in the size up to 5 Mb
protection against viruses and the SPAM
a wide set of additional services and adjustments
if to not check mail in current of 4 months an account delete
automatic processing of entering messages by means of filters
is automatic the collector of mail , the truth mail acting in a box through the collector of mail, is not checked on the SPAM

Today you have a perfect opportunity to feel true Ekaterinburzhtsem, having registered a free mail box on a portal! If you wish to try this service of free mail, be registered in free mail of city of Ekaterinburg:


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