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Sitelutions proudly offers fully redundant high-quality DNS services to our Club Members for free. Sign up, purchase a Club Membership, and setup DNS today! We currently do not require that domain names be registered with Sitelutions Registrar if you are a Club Member. You might also want to check out our Backup Mail Services, providing you with a redundant mail setup at minimal fees.


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We provide both static and dynamic DNS services. We feel that our DNS services truly compliment our hosting and domain name registration services, providing you with all of the solutions you'll need for your site, all in one place.

Sitelutions DNSTM Features and Perks
Domain Name Service:For domains registered with Sitelutions Registrar AND for all domains that you own (whether or not they are registered through Sitelutions) if you are a Club Member.
Full Redundancy:Our DNS systems are fully redundant, with DNS servers in separate physical locations on completely independent networks. Should one provider go down or a network outage should occur at one location, uptime will not be affected.
Easy, Web-Based Control for DNS & Redirection:Our DNS system is controlled via a simple web interface which also provides redirection services in addition to DNS. All updates made via the web interface instantly propagate to all secondary servers.
Instant Dynamic Updates:Our Dynamic DNS service instantly propagates all updates to all of our servers. Our redundant system ensures that your update client can always reach one of our servers (our web site is also fully redundant). This means that your DNS information is always up-to-date. This is something that most Dynamic DNS services cannot provide.
Low TTL Settings:Especially important for those using Dynamic DNS, we allow you to set your record's time-to-live value to as low as 5 seconds, ensuring that users will always get the most up-to-date information from our nameservers!
DNS API:We offer access to our DNS API to all Sitelutions users who have a Premium DNS membership at the Insider's Club. The API allows users to build custom softwareand processes as they desire, to help streamline DNS functions exactly how they want it.



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