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Receive Free SMS & Text Online
Receive Free SMS and Text messages online to verify phone numbers. No registation or sign up for websites like Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc.

How to Use our Free Online SMS Numbers
Welcome to our website we have the best technology and user interface in place to receive SMS online offering the largest volume of SMS numbers anywhere on the internet today with over 1,000 on display! Feel free to browse and try out the different sections of the website where we offer Go Free, Go Premium and Go Membership options along with International numbers from over 80 Countries, we have something to suit everyone and at the best prices possible if you wish to have private and dedicated numbers.

With our virtual phone numbers you can receive SMS and Text messages online for personal, verifications, registration codes, OTP and many purposes if you do not wish to use your own mobile phone number. We issue and refresh our website with new SMS numbers daily and we`re sure you will enjoy using our service. Our online SMS receiver is programmed to work with all major service providers including websites like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Baidu, Amazon, Twitter, Bing, Instagram, LinkedIn, PayPal, eBay, MSN, Microsoft, Pinterest and thousands of other sites to verify texts.

With our online virtual phone numbers you simply sign up for the accounts you need and then receive your free SMS or Text message on our website immediately online with ease. We provide new and updated numbers on a daily basis that are always fresh (not fake or temporary) and will provide you with verification 100% of the time even if you are looking for an account generator in bulk, receiving SMS has never been easier.

Once you choose your desired number click on the number to receive your message code or PIN to finalize your sign up process.


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